Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is a family favourite that I recently invented as a healthy but seriously yummy chocolate treat. It is completely dairy free, gluten free and sugar free but also loaded with antioxidants, full of protein, low in fat, packed with vitamins and minerals and a good source of fibre. It tastes better than it even looks! Obviously if you make changes to the ingredients list then the nutritional values may change but feel free to swap things around if it's suit what you would normally stock in your pantry. Personally I'll be adding some rum to these at Christmas for a healthy adults only rum ball!

This recipe calls for the use of almonds. They are great in your diet for the following reasons:
  • Almonds are low in saturated fat
  • They contain many nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, phosphorous, zinc, copper and folic acid
  • High in protein and dietary fibre
  • A small quantity can keep you feeling full for longer
It is not entirely essential to use organic products, it's just what I use and so that is why I have listed them.

You will obviously use your Thermomix for this recipe if you have one. If you are using a food processor speeds 6-9 on TM will be your high settings. Speeds 3-5 are your medium settings. Weigh each ingredient or measure using measuring cups to approx weights. Those using your TM you should already understand the processes. Please feel free to ask questions either here or my FB page.


200g raw organic almonds
70g organic dates
30g goji berries
20g raw organic cacao powder
50g shredded or dessicated coconut
10g coconut oil
70g agave syrup
10 drops of liquid stevia (chocolate infused flavour)

Grind almonds on Speed 8 for 5 seconds (or pre-chop or use almond meal).
Add dates and goji berries on speed 6 for 5 seconds.
Add cacao, coconut oil, coconut, agave and stevia on speed 5 for 30 seconds or until you see the mixture is coming together and forming a sticky mix.
Roll into bite sized balls and place onto a tray lined with baking paper and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.
Will make approx 40 balls. Best stored in airtight container in the fridge.

Substitutions are:
Cashews or brazil nuts FOR almonds
Sultanas, cranberries, dried fruits FOR dates and goji berries
Cocoa FOR raw organic cacao powder
Ricebran oil or grapeseed oil FOR coconut oil
Honey or maple syrup FOR agave and stevia

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  1. Thanks Angie, I have tasted these and can testify that they are yummy!